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Wood burning and multi fuel stoves • Range cookers • Accessories and fuel

There are many things to consider when choosing a stove. You want a stove that will be of a high quality, that does not give problems in use, that has a long life and that any spare parts needed continue to be available for even long after it may have gone out of production.  

At Home Farm Stoves we have carefully selected suppliers whose products fulfill this criteria, you can be assured that any product you purchase from us will be of the highest quality available to give you a long trouble free and low cost life.    

What do you want the stove for?

Perhaps you want some cosy secondary heating; in that case the look of the stove will be very important, with a good view of the flames.

Maybe rising fuel prices are making you think of heating your whole house with wood using a stove with a combined back boiler. One of the main considerations here will then be what sort of output the stove has both to the water for the heating and into the room.   Only the nominal boiler outputs are now listed and these figures can be deceptive because of flaws in the way the test is done - so ask about the stove or boiler you are looking at it’s maximum output and about correctly sizing your stove.

You may not have yet considered a range cooker stove that you can cook on, with an oven and the ability to provide hot water, we have products that can do this either as straight cookers or as combination cooker and hot water providers.   These can be linked into your existing heating system or perhaps a log stove in another room.

If you live in a smoke control area (most major towns and cities have them, locally Northampton and Rugby do but Daventry does not)  you can choose any stove but would need to use an approved smokeless fuel.  If you like to heat with wood you will need to choose a stove that has been DEFRA approved for burning wood in smokeless zones, we have these from all our suppliers.  We can identify smokeless zones for you or they should be available from you Council Offices.


You get what you pay for

As you might expect you get what you pay for with a stove, There are some occasional bargains to be had yes, usually discontinued or ex display products but usually price is a good guide to quality and the more you pay the higher the quality of the stove.  Price is what you pay on the day,   cost is the cost when priced over the life of the product.   A product costing £300 and lasting maybe 4 or 5 years has a far higher cost of ownership than one costing £600 and lasting 15 or 20 years.  When you set your stove budget do remember that you will also need to budget for flue pipe., maybe flue liner and fitting.   

Internet Sales Policy

Frequently these days we here sad tales of stoves bought over the internet by customers not getting what they ordered,  damaged goods, no product support, no spares and even companies vanishing .  For these reasons stove manufacturers want their products to be sold through local showrooms such as ours. Warranty periods when bought through an approved distributor such as us are frequently better than from non approved companies frequently found on the web.   At Home Farm Stoves Ltd we want to be sure that the product you have chosen is the one best suited to meet your needs and expectations.   We ensure that what you get is the product that will best meet your requirements and expectations and that it will be safely installed by qualified engineers or that it will be checked by a Building Inspector prior to use. Your safety is utmost in our thoughts at all times.   

To achieve this end we will need to talk to you about your needs and expectations prior to sale. We want to ensure that you will be completely happy with any product you have purchased from us and that it will be safely installed in your home or business.    

Please talk to us today, thank You

Choosing a wood burning or multi fuel stove

Should you choose a multifuel or wood burning stove?

A multifuel stove has a grate which means you can burn smokeless fuel or wood. A dedicated wood burning stove will generally not have a grate because wood burns best on a bed of ash. A dedicated wood burner will generally burn wood more efficiently than a multifuel stove although this is not always true.

Remember that coal is a fossil fuel - burning coal results in the release of a lot of CO2 which drives climate change - the responsible choice if practical would be to choose a dedicated wood burner so you are not tempted to burn coal.  Ordinary house coal is not an approved fuel for some makes of stove.

Gas, Electricity and Oil

We have stoves that burn Natural gas, Liquid Propane gas (LPG) , heating oil and electricity,    Some of the gas ones even have an inbuilt catalytic converter that remove all the flu products internally and are used without a flu, as a result these can be positioned away from an outside wall and only need connecting to the gas supply.  

Cast iron or steel?

Historically steel was once an inferior material for stove manufacturing so you would end up with warped steel stoves.   Some  stoves at the lower end of the price scale still suffer this problem and as a consequence have a short life.    However steel quality has now greatly improved so there really is not that much in it anymore. In some cases cast iron stoves are built more heavily than steel stoves and may have the quality edge.  Cast Iron heats up more slowly than steel but retains heat for longer once the fire has burnt out.  We are now seeing some stoves clad in soapstone,  these are normally made to special order but are a beautiful centerpiece to a room as well as a very effective heat source.


We are now seeing an increasing range of coloured enamel stoves in both traditional and modern designs to match your decor.


Choosing a stove

What sort of look do you want?

The traditional stove is generally rectangular and on fairly short legs. The latest designer stoves can be rectangular but also can be tall, semi circular and a wide range of other designs and shapes. They will look good in any modern setting and usually have the benefit of double combustion giving even more heat and flames (and less flue emissions)  from the same volume of fuel.  There are also rectangular double combustion stoves for a more traditional look.