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Choosing your Wood Burning Stove 

There are several main things to consider when choosing a wood burning stove for your home, as they will become a focal point in your home for many years. 

These include :

When you visit us at our showroom, we will give you an in depth explanation of the options that are available to you. Below are some brief explanations, so you can get an idea of the options. 

Esse 100 KC SE Multi Fuel Burning Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Heat Output

Heat Output 



Ensuring your stove creates the correct amount of heat is paramount, and if gotten wrong will directly impact how much you can enjoy your stove.  It is better to end up with a stove slightly smaller than your rooms requires than too large!

To calculate the size stove you need to calculate your room size in cubic meters and divide by 14, or if you have standard height ceilings and moderate to good insulation, use the table to the side using your room dimensions. 

Heat Output |  Home Farm Stoves

Putting thought into the style of stove you want is key both before and during your visit to our showroom. We find that whilst generally everyone wants big windows so that they can see the fire, everyone has different ideas of what they want their stove to look like. 

There a two broad categories of design, traditional and contemporary. You can also get inset stoves, which are designed to fit into the wall 

Small Burning Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Contemporary Style 

Contemporary stoves have more of a modern twist on their traditional counterparts. Less mountain top cabin, and more ultra-clean and modern open plan living. 

Some are more re-imagining traditional styles,keeping the size and shape, whereas others are a completely new take on wood burning stoves. 

Wall Mounted Burning Stove | Home Farm Stove
image 1.jpg
Wall Mounted Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Traditional Style 

Traditional style stoves are exactly that , traditional!


Imagine a log cabin up in the mountains somewhere and these would be the stoves that they would have. 

These stoves look good in any home (not just cabins in the mountains!) and remain looking timeless no matter the styling of the room. 

Morso Wood Burning Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Inset Stoves 

Inset stoves are set back into the wall, some are designed so the door sticks out some, whereas others are completely flush. 

These often, although not always, use the spaces left when homeowners have old gas stoves removed from their living areas. You can even get duel-sided stoves, to create a feature in two rooms at once 



Classic black is by far the most popular colour for stoves, and why shouldn't it be! It ensures that your stove fits in in any room, and will still fit in when you decide to redecorate.

But whilst all our stoves are available in black, you need not be restricted to only black. Many of our stoves come with other colour options, including possibilities for just the door, or other area to be a colour. 

Multi Fuel Bruning Stove | Home Farm Stove
Blue Multi Fuel Burning Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Red Multi Fuel Esse Burning Stove | Home Farm Stoves
Fuel type

Fuel Type 

Anthracite Coals | Home Farm Stoves
Burning Stove | Home Farm Stove
Fire | Home Farm Stoves
Dry Wood Fuel |  Home Farm Stoves
Coal | Home Farm Stoves

Most wood burning stoves are just that, wood burning! the first wood burning stove was patented in 1557 and we are still burning wood in them today. However as designs of stoves have evolved so have our stove fuels, creating a need for multi-fuel stoves. 

Also, depending where you live, you may not be able to just burn what you want as you live in a smokeless zone. If you live in these areas the good news is you CAN still have a stove, it needs to be a multi-fuel stove approved for use in such an area

Multi-Fuel stoves are optimised for the efficient burning of multiple fuels, including smokeless fuel and coal. This is done with the addition of a grate on which you place the fuel, as fuels such as coal, burn better with air circulating from underneath. For many of these stoves, the grate is removable, as wood burns better on a bed of ash. 

If you are not sure whether you need a multi-fuel or smokeless stove or not, please ask us!

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