Range Cookers 

No matter the style of your kitchen, from country to ultra modern, there is a range cooker that will fit your space.  They provide a focal point for your kitchen, as well as an exceptional cooking experience. 

Come and see us in our showroom, or just give us a call, where we can answer all your questions and assist your decision making, but if you want to get ahead please look below to get some information on the range cookers we supply.

Esse Range Cookers 

Esse have been making cast iron range cookers in the UK since 1854.  

Their classic Ironheart Stove combines the best of a range cooker and a wood burning stove. Available in both wood burning and gas it truly is a classic range stove.

Beyond the Ironheart, Esse have a full range of range stoves, available in a variety of colours, sizes and power options (Electric, gas, wood or oil). To understand and see the range, please come and see us or look on Esse's website here.

990 EL

Lacanche Range Cookers 

Lacanche  is a village in France, where stoves have been made for the last 200 years, and they are still made there today, by hand. With both a classic and modern range, Lacanche truly has a stove for every kitchen and cook. 

One of the real perks of a Lacanche stove is the customisation. With up to 30 colour options and 6 trim options, your stove can truly look the way you want it. 

And the customisation is not limited to just the colour! You can also customise the functionality of your stove. Please give is a call or visit to learn more, or look on their website here 

lacanche-modern-macon-1000mm (1)
Macon Delft Blue Chrome