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Wood Burning Stoves in Bicester

Whether your home is designed in a traditional or modern style, a wood-burning stove would certainly make it much more cosy and inviting. Due to their excellent energy efficiency and heat-generation capabilities, not to mention their iconic look and design, wood-burners are something to behold. If you want to create a stunning centrepiece for your Bicester home and elevate your interior to a new level, you should consider purchasing one of the best wood-burning stoves on the market today. 

Home Farm Stoves is one of the leading and most reliable suppliers of premium and environmentally friendly wood-burning stoves in the Bicester area. Using only high-quality materials, our products are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry. They are guaranteed to keep your home warm and welcoming for years or even decades to come. Best of all, they come in a wide range of designs and styles to complement either the interior or exterior of your property. 

If you can’t decide on the type of wood-burning stove that would be right for you, there’s no need to worry. At Home Farm Stoves, we are committed to helping our customers find the best indoor or outdoor wood-burning stoves Bicester has to offer. We can provide you with all the expert knowledge and guidance you need to make an informed decision and obtain excellent value for your money.

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Types of Wood-Burning Stove in Bicester 


One of the best things about wood-burning stoves is that you have lots of options to choose from. Each stove has specific capabilities that make it unique. This is why it is crucial that we identify your exact requirements to ensure that you purchase the wood-burner you need. 

Let’s start with the basics. There are three main types of wood-burning stove.


Convection Stoves

Hailed as the “new generation” of wood-burning stove, convection stoves are known for their exceptional capability of generating heat. They come with either an outer wall or integrated air channels to evenly distribute heated air in any room. These innovative wood-burners work by drawing in cold air between the firebox and the exterior walls. Then, they heat the cold air before releasing it outside.

One of the advantages of convection wood-burning stoves is that their sides don’t get too hot. This particular quality makes them ideal for homes with an open-plan set-up. In addition, these stoves do an excellent job of keeping several rooms warm simultaneously. This could be the perfect option for your Bicester home.


Radiant Stoves

If you live in Bicester and you want something akin to an open fire, we would highly recommend a radiant wood-burning stove. These wood-burners work by radiating heat through their glass and bodies, providing the whole family with sufficient warmth to be nice and cosy. As the sides of radiant stoves can get hot quickly, we would advise installing them within a chimney breast or inglenook for added safety.


Multi-Fuel Stoves

Want the best of both worlds for your Bicester home? If so, then a multi-fuel wood-burning stove may be the way to go. Due to their versatility, multi-fuel stoves have become very popular. Besides wood, you can also use other types of solid fuel, such as anthracite and smokeless fuel, for maximum efficiency. 

Multi-fuel wood-burning stoves usually have a grate for your chosen type of solid fuel. However, if you intend to use wood, you should remove the grate as wood burns well when placed on a bed of ash. 

If you need any help choosing the wood-burner that is best suited to your Bicester home, please contact our team at Home Farm Stoves and we will be happy to lend you our expertise. We can use our in-depth knowledge to help you identify the stove that will fulfil all your specific needs.


Stove Styles 

Wood-burning stoves also come in different styles and designs. To help you choose the stove that will best suit your Bicester home, you should always take account of your interior design. 

At Home Farm Stoves, we offer wood-burners in the following styles.



Known for their iconic look and timeless design, traditional wood-burning stoves are often found in log cabins. Nevertheless, the good news is that you don’t need a log cabin to enjoy the benefits of a traditional wood-burner. Regardless of your property type, this highly versatile stove can still be a perfect match for your home.




Fancy something more modern-looking? A contemporary indoor or outdoor wood-burning stove would certainly be an excellent choice. Some of these wood-burners combine the original size and shape of a traditional stove with modern design elements, while others have had the classic look completely re-imagined. Because of their sleeker and cleaner lines, contemporary wood-burning stoves will be ideal for those Bicester properties with an open-plan or minimalist interior design.



If you are looking for something exclusive, you should consider an inset wood-burning stove. Built into the wall, these stoves are a must-have if you want to create a unique centrepiece for your home. Some inset stoves are set back completely into the wall while others are designed in such a way that their doors stick out a little bit. Whatever your preference, you are sure to enjoy the warmth and “wow” factor that inset wood-burning stoves can bring to your Bicester property.

Where Can You Buy Wood-Burning Stoves in Bicester? 

In Bicester, Home Farm Stoves offers a fabulous range of indoor and outdoor wood-burning stoves. For over 15 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing local customers with superior-quality wood-burners and range cookers at a reasonable price. If you are looking for the best wood-burning stoves Bicester has to offer, we are supremely confident that Home Farm Stoves will be able to fulfil your needs. 

Besides our premium wood-burning stoves, we are also known for our superior customer service.

Because our team of advisors are wholly committed to ensuring our customers’ maximum satisfaction, we always do our best to help. If you are looking to make a purchase for your home, we would encourage you to visit our showroom so our highly experienced staff can show you around and provide you with some expert advice.

Installation Costs in Bicester

The cost of installing an indoor or outdoor wood-burning stove in Bicester can vary from one project to another. For instance, a straightforward liner would cost around £600. Meanwhile, open-up jobs and installing false chimney breasts would normally cost around £1500 to £1750. To obtain a more precise quotation, you will need to consider other essential factors, such as the complexity of the project and whether it will be necessary to build a fireplace opening and chimney. 

If you have any enquiries about the cost of installing a wood-burning stove in Bicester, feel free to contact us at any time. We will happily answer any questions you may have.

Let the Experts Help!

Due to their outstanding energy efficiency and heat-generation capabilities, wood-burners are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. Besides being environmentally friendly, these stoves can also significantly enhance the look and ambience of your home. 

If you need any advice finding the best wood-burning stove for your property, our team at Home Farm Stoves will be only too happy to help. Call us today or complete the form on this page to obtain some expert guidance.

We are proud to be approved dealers for some of the premier wood burning stove brands available in the UK. For more information on them logos will take you through to their websites

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